Migrate WhatsApp History Between iOS Devices

This iOS WhatsApp Transfer software provides a direct method to completely transfer WhatsApp data from the old iDevice to a new iOS device without any limitations. Don't ever be afraid of losing all the WhatsApp chat history after switching to a brand new phone.

  • Text Messages, Voice Messages, Photos, Videos and Call History remain intact after being transferred. Your previous memories are safe with us.
  • Support to preview and selectively transfer WhatsApp data.
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Back up WhatsApp Data & Restore the Backups to iOS Devices

PanFone WhatsApp Transfer for Mac offers a convenient way to bac kup and restore your iPhone/iPad WhatsApp data on Mac. You can save WhatsApp messages in conversations onto your Mac computer in one simple click and you are also able to restore WhatsApp backups back to your iOS device anytime.

  • Smoothly back up WhatsApp messages, photos, videos and other attachments onto the Mac computer.
  • Restore the old WhatsApp backups of one device to a new phone.
  • Restore the WhatsApp data from iTunes backup to your iOS device or computer.
  • Backup files will not be overwritten. You can restore from any previous backup file you want.

Choose the Way You Want to Save the WhatsApp Chats

This iPhone WhatsApp Transfer tool lets you export WhatsApp chats to a document file like HTML and CSV. You can preview and print out the WhatsApp chats from your computer.

  • Export WhatsApp messages to HTML and CSV files.
  • Extract all WhatsApp pictures, videos, audios attachments onto the Mac computer without any data loss.
  • Export one WhatsApp chat or all WhatsApp chats at once.
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PanFone WhatsApp Transfer

Transfer WhatsApp Chats between Phone and Phone


What's new?

  • V1.0.0: 1. The first version of WhatsApp Transfer was released.