Transfer WhatsApp Data Between Phones

Did you upgrade to a new phone and need to transfer your WhatsApp chats to it? This phone to phone WhatsApp transfer tool allows you to transfer WhatsApp data between your iPhone and iPad as simple as a swipe of your finger.

  • Seamlessly transfer all WhatsApp chat histories, including messages, photos, videos, attachments, and more from your old phone to new one.
  • It works perfectly with almost all Apple devices: iPad, iPhone, iPod. Learn more.
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Back up WhatsApp Chats & Restore to iOS

This iOS WhatsApp Transfer can be a handy tool to help you back up and restore WhatsApp data more easily and securely. It won't overwrite or delete previous backups. You can restore the WhatsApp backup to your phone anytime you want. 

  • Export your WhatsApp data including conversions and attachments from the iOS device to your computer. All files can be previewed anytime.
  • Restore the WhatsApp backup of one device to another.
  • Restore the WhatsApp data from iTunes backup to your iOS device or computer.
  • Each backup will be kept individually and forever, so both current and earlier data can be saved.

Choose the Format You Prefer to Export WhatsApp Chats

PanFone WhatsApp Transfer supports exporting WhatsApp chats to HTML and CSV files. You can preview and print WhatsApp chats as they appear on the phone or read them as a log file.

  • Export WhatsApp chat to HTML and read it as it appears on the phone.
  • Export WhatsApp chat to HTML/CSV and read it as a log file.
  • Export one WhatsApp chat or all WhatsApp chats at once.
  • Export WhatsApp photos, videos, audios, and more in 1 click.
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PanFone WhatsApp Transfer

Transfer WhatsApp Chats between Mobile Phones


What's new?

  • V1.0.0: 1. The first version of WhatsApp Transfer was released.