How to Register

Step 1. On the start-up interface of PanFone Toolkit, please choose 'WhatsApp Transfer' to download PanFone WhatsApp Transfer. After the installation, tap "WhatsApp Transfer" again to launch it.

start panfone ios recovery

Step 2.Click on the menu button on the right corner of the program interface.

Step 3. In the drop-down list, navigate to the 'Register' tab, the register window will pop up.

register panfone ios recovery

How to Backup Android/iOS WhatsApp Data to Computer

Step 1. From its main interface, you can see four modules: Backup WhatsApp, Restore WhatsApp from local backup, Restore WhatsApp from iTunes backup and Transfer WhatsApp between two devices. Simply select the Backup WhatsApp module.

run whatsapp transfer tool

Step 2. Connect your Android/iPhone to computer with a USB cable, and click on the 'Start' button. Your WhatsApp data (including messages, photos, video and attachments) would be transferred to computer. Please wait patiently. Keep your Android/iPhone connected and phone screen unlocked during the process.

backup whatsapp data to pc

Once the backup process is completed, the backup screen will display 'Backup Complete'. You’re able to check the backup contents by tapping 'View'button.

preview whatsapp contents on pc

How to Restore Android/iOS WhatsApp Data from Local Backup

Step 1. From its main interface, simply select the Backup WhatsApp module to get start.

Step 2. Preview and restore data from Local backup file

Navigate to the Restore WhatsApp from local backup module and all the backup files you have made are listed in the window. Just select a backup file from the list and then click on 'Browse' to preview the contents information of each local backup file.

scan itunes backup file

Step 3. Restore backup files to Android/iOS/PC

Your Android/iPhone WhatsApp data (messages, images, audios, videos and etc.) are all listed here. If you have too many WhatsApp conversation, the 'Search' box on the top right corner of the interface can help you select your desired files more quickly by typing in the number or key words that you still remember. Check the items you need to restore. You’re allowed to 'Recover to computer' or 'Recover to device'. Choose one as your need.

restore local backup files to device.

How to Restore WhatsApp Messages and Attachments from iTunes Backup

Step 1. On the program homepage, tap into Restore WhatsApp from iTunes backup mode.

choose iTunes Backup Files

Step 2. If you've made backups for your device through iTunes on this computer, you can also restore data from iTunes backup files. Click on the Restore WhatsApp from iTunes backup option and the program will automatically load all available iTunes backup files on the list. Simply choose the desired one to view by clicking 'Browse' button.

choose iTunes Backup Files

Step 3. Once the loading process finished, you can start viewing all chats or other contents on the extracted iTunes file, such as messages, video, photo, voice and document.

restore whatsapp data from itunes backup

Step 4. After selecting the data you want to recover, click on 'Recover to computer' or 'Recover to device' to restore data from iTunes backup to computer or device.

restore whatsapp data from itunes backup

restore whatsapp data from itunes backup

How to Transfer WhatsApp Data between Android and iOS Devices

Step 1.To transfer WhatsApp data between iPhone and Android devices, go to Transfer WhatsApp between two devices module. Then you will see the page below. Follow the on-screen steps. If you’ve never backed up WhatsApp data on this computer, click on 'Backup Device' at first. If you’ve ever backed up the WhatsApp data before, directly click on 'Select Backup' option to choose a backup file you need.

android to ios whatsapp transfer

Step 2. Now, you can browse the backup contents of your iPhone/Android WhatsApp backup file. Check the items you would like to transfer to target Android/iPhone, and then tap on 'Recover to device' to transfer data from iPhone to Android and vice versa.

transfer whatsapp data between android and iphone