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PanFone Data Transfer FAQs

+ What to do if the device fails to connect with PanFone Data Transfer

The following reasons may lead to this case:

  • The latest version of the product is not installed.
  • The model of the device is not supported. (You can check from here)
  • There’s something wrong with the USB cable or USB port.
  • Android device driver is not properly installed. Please download from here.
  • Did not authorize this PC on your phone screen.

    To solve it, you can follow the steps below:

    (1) For iOS users, please follow this tutorial.

    (2) For Android users, please follow this tutorial.

    +How to register PanFone Data Transfer?

    1. Click menu button on the right corner of the program interface

    2. Choose Register in the drop-down list, you will get the register window below.

    3. Copy and paste the Name and Code into the registration popup dialog.

    Note: The registration name is case sensitive. And, please do not add blank at the beginning or the end of the word.

    register panfone data transfer windows

    enter license panel

    +What to do when the Contacts fail to copy from the old phone to the new one?

    The case may appear when the device is asleep or the USB cable is damaged. To resolve it, you can follow the steps below:

    • Reconnect the USB cable to try again in case it is disconnected for some reason during transferring.
    • Close iTunes or other similar programs as it may cause some compatible issues.
    • Make sure your device is awake. If you are using Android phone as the source device, it will become asleep if you leave it alone for a long time. You can click Settings>Developer options to check Stay awake.

    If it still doesn't work, contact us with the log file. You can click the Send Feedback button on the top right corner to send us the log file.

    +How to change USB connection mode (MTP/PTP)?

    Simply tap and drag down the Status bar, tap Connected as a media device or Connected as a camera. In the USB computer connection setting, switch the followings USB connection mode. Media device (MTP), Camera (PTP).

    change USB connection mode

    +How to fix the error for android devices "No enough Space".

    An android device always has about 1 or 2G RAM to run app , and 8 or 16G ROM to store data. When transferring or restoring data which is more than 1 or 2G to an android device, it may not have enough space to save the data. You can follow the steps below to fix it.

    • Choose the source data or the backup file which is not bigger than 1G to transfer.
    • Save the transferred data in the ROM or SD card.
    • Transfer the left data till all the data has been transferred.
    +How to download Android Drivers?

    Visit Here >>

    +How to find videos after transferring to iPhone.

    To find the transfered videos, you can go to Videos > Movies folder of the device to find them. Previously the videos may have been in the Photos folder.

    +Will my phone reset if I check the "Clear data before copying" option?

    It only clears the selected data on the destination phone. For example, if you select Contacts to copy and then select the Clear data before copy option, Contacts on the destination phone will be cleared before copy.

    Note:The option will not clear the contents of the source phone.

    +What to do when PanFone fails to copy iOS messages?

    Sometimes, after you finished the messages transferring job for your iOS devices, you just can not find the transferred messages in your target device.

    1. Please keep your device unlocked during the transferring, it may ask you to enter the iTunes backup passcode.

    2. Launch your device, go to Settings > Messages > Messages History, make sure you have chose "Forever", otherwise your transferred messages will be deleted automatically by your iOS device.

    message settings

    3. After transferred massive messages, your target iOS device will automatically reboot. And you may found:

    a. The message app doesn't show transferred messages, and back to normal after a while.

    b. The message app shows blank interface and keeps blank even if you reboot the device once again.

    The two situations above are all normal because your iOS devices need time to deal with the massive messages in background. Your transferred messages will finally show up, please wait patiently. For example, iPhone XS Max with 4000+ conversations (25000+ messages) needs 30 seconds - 2 minutes.

    4. Part of my messages didn't show up after transfer.

    On iOS 12+ devices, the message app will only show 1000 latest conversations. Other conversations will not show in your message app, however, when you enter the contact number and begin to type messages, the old conversations with this contact will show up.

    If still failed to transfer your messages, please contact our support team: [email protected]

    +How To enable USB debugging on Android Phone?

    Check tutorial here.

    +What is the difference between trial and paid version?

    The free version supports transferring/backing up/restoring five items of each category, paid version supports transferring all data.

    +Why I just get 5 items after restored the backup to device?

    Please go to the PanFone Data Transfer Backup folder, open the backupinfo.xml and check whether there are only 5 items in your backup. If yes, then it means you have used the trial version to backup your device. (See difference between trial and paid version in FAQ 12)

    +Why PanFone keeps prompting me to download the latest iTunes when I already have?

    Since iTunes has bugs regarding overwrite installation, please make sure you have uninstalled the old iTunes completely (remove all the 6 iTunes related services), then download and install the latest iTunes on your computer.

    +What to do if want to retrieve call logs to device but only find out recently call logs when checking?

    The capacity of call log list for each phone is limited. For example, iOS can only display the newest 100 call logs on the list ( The reason why you can see more than 100 call logs is that the same phone calls will gather together to display) while Samsung's capacity is 500.

    Once you restore your call logs successfully, you can only see the newest call logs in your phone. If you want to look through all your call logs information, you can use PanFone Manager to check up for.

    +Why the reset interface appeared after I restored data to iOS 11 device?

    Many PanFone users may find that a reset interface will appear after they restored/transferred data to iOS 11 device. Does that means PanFone wiped your phone? Actually not. This interface will show on your iOS devices due to the Apple security restrictions. You can directly choose "New iPhone/iPad" and go ahead, then you will find your data is still there and new data has been transferred.

    +Why my android device keeps disconnecting from PanFone when I tried to restore from backup?

    Please check the storage of your phone, make sure you have enough free space for restoring the backup. Otherwise PanFone will automatically disconnect your device from PanFone program for safe-keeping.

    +How to fix the iCloud Login Error?

    Check tutorial here.

    +Why I can't find the transferred data on target phone?

    Make sure the transfer is successfully completed, check the transfer complete interface, make sure there is no red "x" mark which means the transfer is actually failed.

    message settings

    +What to do if PanFone can not recognize my SD card?

    Check tutorial here.

    +Why I can't transfer whatsapp from iPhone to Android phone?

    PanFone Data Transfer currently only supports to transfer whatsapp messages between iOS devices.

    +Why PanFone takes a long time to load my data?

    How long it takes for PanFone to load your data depends on how many things you have on your mobile device. If you have massive messages, call logs or whatsapp chat history, especially on iOS 11 device, please wait patiently until PanFone finish loading. And please do not launch iTunes or other similar softwares simultaneously.

    We will keep optimizing the loading speed in future versions.

    +Why PanFone failed to backup my Notes?

    1. PanFone currently doesn't support to backup/transfer Notes on iOS 11 devices.

    2. PanFone doesn't support to transfer Notes between iOS and Android devices.

    3. PanFone doesn't support to backup Samsung(Android) Notes.

    +Unable to find transferred messages on OPPO device?

    When you transferred messages to an OPPO device, PanFone shows it transferred successfully but you are unable to find the messages on the OPPO device? Please follow the steps below:

    1. Unlock your OPPO device, find build-in Security app, tap on Privacy permissions > App permission management.

    oppo security app

    2. Under Messages, give PanFone app all the message related permissions. And then use PanFone Data Transfer program to transfer the messages again.

    oppo message settings

    +Why PanFone can not read my iTunes backup on Mac 10.14?

    Here are steps you need to follow in order to grant Full Disk Acess:

    1. Open the Security & Privacy Preference Pane in the System Preferences application.

    2. Click on the Privacy tab and then click on Full Disk Access in the categories list.

    security & privacy

    3. Click the padlock in the lower-left corner to allow changes.

    4. Click the + button to add an application.

    5. Navigate to where you installed PanFone Data Transfer (e.g./Applications), select it and click the open button.

    Full Disk Acess

    +Why I can't find transferred messages on my Android phone?

    1. Make sure the transfer is successful. On the complete interface, there should be all green check marks on the tranferred contents.

    2. To transfer messages to Android phones, you need to set PanFone app as your default sms app during the transferring, just keep your Android phone unlocked and follow the guide.

    3. If you can not find the transferred messages even it is a successful transfer, you can check your Info messages under Messaging. Android phones will autiomatically conclude some messages into Info messages according to the phone number.

    +What should I do if I haven't received downloading link?

    1. PanFone Data Transfer for Win - Please download and install the latest PanFone Data Transfer Windows version from here

    2. PanFone Data Transfer for Mac - Please download and install the latest PanFone Data Transfer Mac version from here