How to Customize Ringtone for iPhone 11 without iTunes

It is not an easy task to set your favorite music as iPhone 11 ringtone or alarm sound. You can use iTunes to do this job, but it is not that straightforward at all. So how to set custom ringtones to personalize your iPhone 11 with easier ways? In the following part, we will introduce you the best 2 ways to use your favorite music as ringtones/alarm sound for iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max for free.

iphone ringtone maker

1. Set Your Local Music as iPhone 11 Ringtone or Alarm Sound

If you have local audio files like .mp3 or .aac stored on your Windows PC, now let’s do it by using PanFone Ringtone Maker. Just check out the tutorial on how to set your favorite music as ringtone or alarm sound for iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max.

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Step 1: Launch PanFone Ringtone Maker on Computer

Download and install PanFone Ringtone Maker, then launch this application on your Computer.

Step 2: Connect iPhone 11 to PanFone

Plug your iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max to computer via USB cable.

connect iphone 11 to computer

Step 3: Select A Favorite Song from Computer or iPhone for Making New Ringtone

Once your iPhone detected by PanFone successfully, click on "Toolkit" tab on the top menu bar and then select "Ringtone Maker.


Select from computer: To turn a song on local folder into a customized ringtone, click this option to find the song and click "Open" to load.

Select from device: If the needed song is on your iPhone, tap on this option to launch a popup. This pop-up will list all songs on your iOS device. Click "Select" option to load.

select song for creating ringtone

Step 4: Start Making Ringtone

After selection, you can see a window below. Now, you should move progress bar and then set the "Start" and "End" point to clip the audio into your desired potion. Generally, the recommended length of a ringtone is around 30s. So as your preferences, you can check the Loop Playback or setup Tone fade in and fade out time.

After the customization is done, you can click on the "Import to device" option to save the new ringtone to iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max directly.

make ringtone

Step 5: Apply New Custom Ringtone on iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max

Now on your iPhone, go to Settings > Sounds > Ringtone and select the custom ringtone you just added to your iPhone as your iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max new ringtone or alarm sound by tapping on it.

set new ringtone for iphone 11

2. Use GarageBand to Create New Ringtones for iPhone 11

GarageBand on iPhone lets save your own creations or local music as ringtones. And here’s how to use GarageBand to create a new ringtone for iPhone 11 immediately.

If you want to use local audio file as the new ringtone, please make sure that the downloaded, non-protected audio file (stuff you’ve purchased form the iTunes store) was uploaded to iPhone and iCloud Drive was enabled before starting.

Step 1: Launch GarageBand on iPhone 11, then select blue "+" icon at the top corner and double down on the song creation tab and select the "Audio Recorder" card.

use garageband to create iphone 11 ringtone 01

Step 2: After the buttons, flicks and knobs of the recording board loaded, poke the "Tracks View" icon track view button to "Audio recorder" icon audio recorder icon, and pork the blue "Close Metronome" icon metronome icon to close the metronome.

use garageband to create iphone 11 ringtone 02

Then click on "Loop" icon loop icon to select the audio file.

use garageband to create iphone 11 ringtone 03

Step 3: Start editing and clipping audio. Drag & drop the audio to the track view interface and start editing and clipping audio. If you want to trim audio into a 30-second clip, just grab the ends of the song and drag them inward. Or you can split the clip to get your desired potion.

You can also hit the small "+" icon beneath the tool button in the top right of your screen, followed by Section A, then switch on Automatic.

use garageband to create iphone 11 ringtone 04

Step 4: Tap on "Del" icon del icon at the top left of the screen and select "My Songs" to save the clip. Touch "Select" on the top right bar and you will find the audio clip you created, and you can long-press the new file and tap "Rename", then tap on to mark it blue and hit up "Share" icon on the top right.

use garageband to create iphone 11 ringtone 05

Tap on "Ringtone" icon in the middle to confirm, then hit "Export" button to wait for your iPhone 11 exporting the audio. After ringtone exported successfully, you can click "Use Sound as …" and choose "Standard Ringtone" options.

use garageband to create iphone 11 ringtone 06

3. Set Apple Music Songs as Alarm Sounds on iPhone 11

Wanna wake up in the morning with your favorite song? Thanks to Apple Music, you can pick up any songs from the library as your alarm sound.

Step 1: Start up Clock app on iPhone 11, then tap "+" to set up a new alarm or tap "Edit" to edit an existing one. Next, tap "Sound" and select "Pick a song" from the options.

use apple music as iphone 11 alarm sound

Step 2: On the new page, you will see your Apple Music Library. Choose folder to find the songs that you want to set up as alarm sound, or use the Search bar to quickly find what you want. Once you find your track, simply tap on it to instantly set it as your alarm sound.

use apple music as iphone 11 alarm sound

That's it. Now you have your favorite music as custom notification tone. It is very easy to operate by yourself. You can go ahead and make awesome iPhone 11 ringtones for all your contacts or for alarm sound.

Extra Tips: How to Import Music to iPhone 11 with PanFone Data Transfer

If you are switching from an Android phone to iPhone 11, but can’t find a simple solution to transfer music from old phone to new iPhone 11. PanFone Mobile Data Transfer (Windows | Mac) is a remarkable tool which helps you switch from one device to another in a few minutes.

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